Google Ads

AceMweb will identify the keywords that best fit your business target audience, ensuring your business appears first in Google search results. With AceMweb – Google Adwords solutions, you can increase your business’s brand awareness and website traffic, and most importantly, expand your customer experience.

What is Google Adwords advertising?

Google Adwords advertsing is an advertising model that allows your company to reach the highest placements in the Google search results for the phrases and keywords used by your target audience.

Google Adwords Advertisement Example:

Let’s say you have a phone repair shop on Trabzon Street in Kahraman Maras. Your team of technicians are very skilled but you don’t earn as much on phones sales as you earn from phone repair services. Even when you lower the price on your items, people almost always come to the office for phone repair only. But with AcemWeb your phones sales can go up! For example, by analyzing the words your product provider searched for in Google and performing keyword phrases specific to your business, we can ensure that your products appear in Google’s search results in the first place, along with text that will bring your potential customers to the Kahraman Maraş territory. It’s very important to have a thorough analysis of the keywords while you’re setting them up and be very experienced with Google Adwords Ads. Key words can be defined down to very small details; for example: Samsung S6 Edge Price List Kahramanmaras, Samsung Phone Prices Maraş … etc.

Why it is crucial to have your Google AdWords Ads Managed by top Campaign Performance Managers?

Do not waste your money: We already mentioned the importance of correctly defining key words above, but let’s talk about the financial aspect of it as well: With Google Adwords ads each keyword has a unit price. For example, let’s say you define Samsung as the keyword. It costs you a lot of money to get in the top rank with that word; because the Samsung key word is a very general word covering thousands of products and billions of people. In addition, even if you are able to bid for the word in the first place, the people who click on your ads and visit your site may not be your potential customers. If the most accurate keywords for your Google Adwords ads are not analyzed and bid on; you can waste your money on a campaign that will not bring you any customers, or even if the related word brings you customers; the money you pay for advertising may be higher than the money you earn from the customer. For this reason, Google Adwords Ads are too serious to be entrusted to non-professional hands.

You deserve the best of everything: the texts to prepare for your Google Adwords ads are very important; the first impression of people who will see your ads about your business can be completely changed by the slogan that is set. For example, if you read this article so far, it means that we can catch you in our communication area.