Web Analytics

AceMweb can help you measure the behavior of users who come to your website and measure and analyze the most profitable advertising channels for you.

With AceMweb – Web Analytics services, your site will be set up with the metrics you need for Google Analytics setup, and if you need it, the AceMweb data analytics team will be at your assistance to make sense of your site data.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tracking system that analyzes and reports on the behavior of thousands of users entering your site thanks to the Google codes that are added to your site.

Why it is crucial to have your campaign and website tracking managed by top Campaign Performance Managers?

Do not waste your money! Let’s say you have a hairdressing salon and you use your web site to share photos of hair models that you have just styled. At the same time you also generate traffic to your website using many advertising channels such as facebook ads and google AdWords ads. You do not consider which advertising channel optimizes your media budget, meaning that you risk wasting money on inefficient advertising channels.

Our recommendation to you: By implementing Google Analytics on your site, you will be able to analyze the conversion rates of relevant ad channels mathematically and use the results of this analysis to plan your media budgets. On this count, you can earn higher revenues with lower advertising budgets. In addition, it should be noted that the Google Analytics setup is set level wise, so the more parameters you want to track, the more complicated the setup and the higher the cost of the product. The reliability of your marketing partner to guide you is very important here. Even if you do not sell products from your website, a simple level Analytics setup might solve your measurement problems. AceMweb strives to guide you in the direction that is most suitable for you at the lowest cost.

You deserve the best of everything: Tradesmen and SMEs in this country know mathematics very well, and mathematics must be used most effectively in digital channels for businesses. For all these reasons; Google Analytics setup and Data Analytics Consulting are too serious topics to be left untreated.

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